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Go Contactless.

Offer contactless ordering and payments to your customers - streamline the checkout experience while increasing safety.

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What are contactless payments?

Contactless payments are pretty much what they sound like—a way of paying for goods or services without physically needing to swipe your card in a machine or pass it to another person. Every Vivid payment terminal comes with the contactless funcationality, also know as near-field communication (NFC) capability.

What are the benefits?

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Contactless payments are not only more convenient but also more secure — and now more sanitary — than swiping your card. With the  increasing percentage of consumers using contactless payments, we recommend adopting this technology to avoid losing sales.

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QR Code Payments.

Generate QR Codes and enable customers to pay with their mobile device. Perfect for restaurants -Review your check, split the check, tip your serverTap, Dip or Swipe and you are done!


No App Needed.

Customers use their phone to scan the QR code with the camera app which then pulls up the link.


Fully PCI-compliant and EMV-ready.


Includes every major payment method.


Try it!

Scan the QR.

Questions about contactless payments?
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