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Accept Bitcoin on Poynt

Merchants can now accept Bitcoin as a form of payment.

Note: this available only in the US, and only for certain processors. Please confirm with your processor if they are compatible with Bitpay.

To add the option of accepting BitPay, download the Bitpay app via the App store on the Poynt device.

There are various Bitpay apps avail in the app store supporting different cryptocurrencies. In this case, choose the Bitpay (BTC) app.

You will need to have a Bitpay account set up prior to downloading the app on the device.

This will link your Bitpay account to the app.

Once the Bitpay acount is created, you will be sent a QR code or token to implement once the app is downloaded onto the Poynt device. This will link the app to the Bitpay account.

Once this is enabled, option to use crypto currency will appear in the drop down menu during the transaction.

The customer will then be prompted to use their code/token to pay and finish the transaction.

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