Boomtowns webinar with Vivid POS and how they're competing with Toast, Aloha, and Micros.

For many years, ISOs and Banks have had issues selling points-of-sale to FSR (full service restaurants) with no reliable solution. Clover POS (owned by Fiserv) has been a common POS for ISOs / Banks to resell, but it is limited on features when it comes to FSR. Most restaurants today need a suite of sophisticated features built into the product like online ordering, reservations, pre-authorization, accounting, employee management, QR payments, third party delivery app integrations, and much more. Merchants want these features built into the native software and don't want to shop for third party applications .

Derek Henmi (President of Vivid) had been reselling other ISV products in North America and has done really well with his sales team spread across the United States. After some time, most of these ISV partners became Payfacs, and poached Vivids restaurant merchants for payment revenue. These companies were big enough to make language in their reseller agreement very easy to manipulate and it became a frustrating experience for everyone involved.

This was not an unfamiliar story to other ISOs and Banks working with ISVs. Derek didn't have a viable solution for his sales team to actually compete with Toast, Micros, Aloha, and other FSR solutions. He met Vigyan Kaushik (Product and Design) and they together designed Vivid POS for Restaurants.

The first goal was to create a suite of products on universal hardware for all merchant sizes. They started with Terminal and Lite which are more affordable and available on smart terminals like Poynt, AMP, AEVI and PAX. The full point of sale works on iOS and Android solutions for larger screen capabilities and more durability in a fast paced environment.

The second goal was to set themselves apart from other smart terminal native payments applications and point of sale companies by working directly with restaurant owners. They found that many restaurant owners had to adjust quickly during the pandemic and needed options for better reporting on QR payments, takeout, online ordering, delivery, and third party ordering apps. Instead of saying "use our online ordering software only" they allow restaurants to use whatever is best for their business. Having all orders (direct, Uber Eats, DoorDash, etc) on one screen was a huge success for Restaurants in San Francisco used to having multiple tablets and queues.

Within the first month of going live they had a massive influx of leads from their sales partners and could tell they were on to something. If they could provide a transparent/honest partnership and allow payment companies to bring their own payment relationships, they could finally bring to market the product all ISOs and Banks had been desperate for.

Today Vivid POS can work with retail, QSR, FSR and they're soon releasing software for wineries/breweries that includes membership features. Vivid has Cash Discount capabilities and works with TSYS and First Data Omaha.

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Boomtown Webinar Video / Vivid Demo and Deck below which also includes introduction to AEVI smart terminal

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