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Cash Discount with Swipe Simple

In collaboration with Cardflight and Boomtown, the Vivid team now allows merchants to use a Cash Discount feature on Swipe Simple Terminal (PAX A920 , PAX A80) and soon Swipe Simple Mobile. This easy-to-apply feature is also known as 'Automatic Adjustments'.

First, the Vivid Team will board the merchant with the correct settings.

Automatic Adjustment settings include:

  • Adjustment Name

  • When to apply the adjustment

  • Adjustment Type

  • Adjustment Calculation

  • Adjustment Amount

  • Adjustment Bypass

If a merchant is enabled for Cash transactions, they will be prompted to select tender type during the transaction flow.

  • For SS Terminal account enabled for debit routing, the prompt will read “Credit/Debit/Cash”

  • For SS Terminal account not enabled for debit routing, the prompt will read “Credit/Cash”

  • For SS Mobile account, the prompt will read “Credit/Cash”

If Adjustment Bypass is set up, the merchant has the option to select Apply or Do Not Apply. The merchant also has the ability to customize the adjustment name so that it is clearly disclosed in the sales flow and on the receipt. When they select Apply, an automatic adjustment (increase or decrease) of the sale total will appear.

All reporting will be saved (and exportable) in the Swipe Simple Merchant Dashboard. The Vivid Team will ensure you have the correct processor for Cash Discount and that you're following all the rules which are regulated by each US State differently.

For more information, reach out to

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