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Homebase, the employee management application is available on Poynt

Poynt, the Smart Terminal has created an easy sale for replacing old credit card terminals. The only thing you have to worry about when selling Poynt is overselling Poynt. The all-in-one solution makes it easy for local businesses to accept all payment types, to create an easy customer check out experience, and to manage their business from home.

When teaching Sales Agents on how to sell Poynt, I always tell them to (1) speak on three things you like about the smart terminal, (2) let the merchant ask questions, and (3) tell them about the Homebase business application.

What is Homebase?

Homebase is an Employee Scheduling and Timeclock tool that integrates directly with Poynt. Homebase has dominated the Business Application Market for MPOS and Smart Terminals. It is well-known as the top application in the Clover Marketplace and has become a popular solution for businesses with five or more employees.

How does Homebase work?

Remember working at a local restaurant and having to call in to get your schedule? Or texting your co-worker to see if you were scheduled to come in that night? Imagine being a business owner and not knowing your employee is going to be late until an hour before his/her shift...Homebase solves all these problems.

First, the Homebase team helps you manage all your employees in one hub. You're able to use their Scheduling tool and provide your employees full visibility of their shifts. The employees can either look on the Poynt terminal for their schedule or download a mobile application to keep their schedule in the palm of their hands.

As the business owner, you can then send your employees updates or reminders on their shifts and also send out a mass message during an emergency. The employees have the ability to trade and cover each other's shifts without a manager or owner getting involved. The software will help owners manage overtime and not allow employees certain permissions, if applicable.

Timesheets & Payroll

Homebase makes it easy to build your timesheets without a calculator and save hours every payroll period. The software automatically identifies errors, including missed breaks or clock-outs. You can compare to the scheduled hours instantly.

Timeclock Feature - Employees Clock In and Clock Out

What's cool about using the Poynt Terminal with Homebase is the embedded camera takes a picture of the employee when they clock in. This way Tom can't ask Joe to clock into work for him.

  • GPS-Based Clock in - Have off-site workers? Allow your employees to clock-in once they reach their work site. You can also verify their clock-in location on the timesheet.

  • PIN-Based Entry - No complicated passwords or usernames. Set a 4 or 6 digit pin for quick clock-in.

  • Offline Mode - Don’t lose your time clock when your internet connection goes down. Use the iOS and Android app time clocks to keep tracking data at all times.

  • Easily Edit Times - Somebody forget to clock in? Managers can edit right from the time clock.

Team Communication

Transparency is everything when you're managing a large team and especially a multi-location chain. Homebase has focused heavily on how to make Team Communication better for the business owner, manager, and employees. They have team chat capabilities in the mobile scheduling app and make it easy for team members to communicate with each other when changes to the schedule are made. For instance, "Can anyone take my Saturday evening shift? I'd be willing to pick up someone else's weekend shift next week". Without Homebase, the employee has to text and coordinate with individuals one-on-one and it just creates chaos for everyone. It also avoids everyone having to give out their private information or having each person save everyone's personal information.

Homebase is the first application you should speak about when selling Poynt. It's feature set is a no-brainer for your top merchants.

This article was written by Guiseppi Marzelli (Co-Founder at Boomtown)

Want to buy Poynt and Homebase? Feel free to reach out to

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