Inventory Management on Poynt

Until recently, merchants using the Poynt Smart Terminal could only track how many items they sold, but couldn't track how many items they had available in stock.

Merchants may now track the inventory levels of their products. On, the Create Product screen provides a new Variant and Inventory section, providing closer tracking of inventory. On the device, a new application called Inventory is introduced for merchants to track their inventory.

The How-To-Guide

Create Product - Adding a Variant + Inventory Info

In the Poynt HQ Catalog, the Create Product flow introduces two new sections - Variants and Inventory.

Adding Variants

Variants are predefined combinations of Products and Modifiers. Typically, these are useful for items where the modifier is not an additive but rather a characteristic of the item.

For example: If a merchant offers the product T-Shirt and the modifiers for that product include Color and Size, variants for the product would be; Blue Small Tshirt, Blue Medium Tshirt, Red Small Tshirt, Red Medium Tshirt.

Defining Stock Levels in Inventory

While creating a product on, merchants can define an “in stock count” which allows merchants to track the level of inventory for a product.

For each item where inventory tracking is enabled, they may define “Alert when stock at” level. As they check out orders with that product in the Register app, and they reach that number, they will be warned that the item inventory is low.

Check Stock Levels in Inventory App

The ability to check an item’s inventory level is available in a new app on the device called Inventory.

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