Online Ordering Strategy for Restaurants

More than ever you’re hearing more Restaurants talk about ordering online, order ahead, or delivery. I’m going to break down a few products that are easy to use for merchants or easy to sell to your merchant portfolio.

Build your own experience

First, there is Applova which allows merchants to quickly build a digital ordering experience, without actually ‘building it’. Their team is solely focused on a seamless checkout experience. The merchant has the option to build an online ordering page (via business website), a branded mobile app for ordering, and instore self-ordering Kiosks. Their software integrates with smart payment terminals like Square, Clover, PAX, Poynt, Micros, and Verifone. The Applova team has templates ready to use and a team to quickly get the merchant onboarded.

The cluster of Ordering App screens problem

Then there is which helps merchants consolidate the number of tablets and screens in their restaurant for delivery and ordering apps like Grubhub, UberEats, DoorDash, etc. Their software integrates these delivery apps with the merchant's Point of Sales Software. Their first integration was Clover, Square, PAX, and rumors of launching on Poynt. Given the pandemic, they’re also helping Grocery Stores integrate with these apps as well. One feature I love with OrderOut is how they accept the order for you. This is important because many of these delivery apps show restaurants that

The all-in-one solution

If you do not have a POS yet, both eHopper and talech are allowing merchants to use their online ordering software for free until September. While both these POS have an online ordering product, they also work in-store on Android Tablets, Elo Station, and Poynt. When I refer to all-in-one, I am referring to their inventory management, gift cards, loyalty, reports, and online ordering all built into their native software without needing any third party. I do know that talech POS uses ItsaCheckMate to integrate with common delivery apps like GrubHub, UberEats, Postmates, ChowNow, etc.

It really comes down to where you’re generating most of your business. If you have had luck with the Delivery Apps and they’re not taking a huge profit, it might make sense to make sure your POS is integrated with software like OrderOut. If you have a dedicated client base that will order direct, I would look at the Applova option or the all-in-one POS solutions if you don’t already have a POS.

If your business is having trouble finding a solution to use, or a solution to provide to your merchant, reach out to