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Poynt Releases New Merchant HQ

We're excited to announce a brand new design for Poynt HQ! Now it is even easier for Poynt merchants to manage their businesses online.

Why did Poynt redesign Poynt HQ?

To make Poynt HQ easier to use. Poynt received a lot of feedback about the things that were the most difficult to get to or the most confusing to use on Poynt HQ. Based on that feedback, we've made a lot of things easier to do, including the way you change your Settings, access Virtual Terminal to process phone and online orders, and navigate your Dashboard and Sales Reports.

To create a more consistent, more intuitive experience. Poynt wanted each feature to be as intuitive as possible to use, and a big part of that is consistency in how each web page behaves. Now when you view or filter a list of transactions or customers, generate reports, create new products, etc., all of the tables, forms, and popups should look and behave in similar ways. No more hunting for the Save button or wondering what the Add button actually does. One important thing is we tried to minimize changes in important pages and flows to prevent you from having to learn it all again – if you're used to the old HQ, you will find a lot of the new HQ very familiar.

Trying it out

If the new HQ is available in your region and for your processor, you will see a popup inviting you to try it out, as well as a card on the bottom of your Dashboard. Click either one to immediately switch to the new HQ – you can always switch back!

If HQ isn't available yet, please check back later – Poynt is rolling this out in stages and will get to your processor/country soon.

Here's how to switch back: On the new HQ there's a card on the right side titled "What's New". Just click the "Switch to Old HQ" button on the top right of that card and you'll be all set.

Your new dashboard

Your dashboard is the first thing you see when you log on to the website. Just like before, you can see your daily, weekly, monthly totals and their breakdowns by time period. We have also moved the breakdowns by employee, item sold, and payment type into the dashboard from the Sales page where it was before.

On the right side of the dashboard, you can see a list of Quick Links to get to the things you use most faster. We also have special cards to show you whether you have any unsettled transactions or pending Invoices that your customers have yet to pay. We'll be adding more customizability and useful info to this section so keep checking back!

Getting around the new HQ

It's a lot simpler in the new HQ to get around the site to reach the pages you want.

Instead of having two separate sets of tabs – one along the top of the page and one to the left...

... you now have a single left navigation bar that has everything one click away.

This new navigation bar is now your launchpad for all the advanced functionality on Poynt HQ – and as you try out and install more apps, those too will appear here for easy access.

The best way to get used to the new navigation is to click around – go ahead and try it out!

Managing your settings

All of your store and business settings are now on their own, separate pages instead of squeezed into a cramped popup. We hope this makes them easier to see and easier to customize for your own store experience.

Poynt has also added some new features such as customizing your logo image on digital receipts, more customizability in uploading background images for your merchant or customer screen, and a page where you can see and manage all your Poynt terminals at once.

Managing multiple stores

If you have multiple stores in your business, it's now easier to view transactions and analytics, customize settings, and manage your inventory for any individual store or your business as a whole.

Poynt added a list of your stores on the top of every page of the new HQ so you can switch between them quickly.

Getting help

We've embedded the entire Poynt Help Center into the Support page on the new HQ. Now for quick reference (e.g. How do I do a refund?) you can just search for the help article you want and see it right there.

As usual, for more personalized help we have our phone, email, and chat options available to you.

Reach out to to learn more.

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