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PreApproved Payments, Recurring Billing & Invoicing on Poynt

Poynt Merchants may provide their customers the convenience of storing a card during a transaction on their Poynt device. This may be used for a future one-time payment or to set up a recurring payment. During that same transaction, the customer will review the agreement and agree to opt-in to store the card with that particular merchant for future use.

On the Merchants HQ, customers who opted-in to save card are clearly identified. Merchant can click on the customer to see a pop-up, allowing them to either setup a one-time charge or a recurring plan for future payments. Each time a payment is processed, customer receives immediate notification via email providing transaction details along with an option to opt-out any time.

You can also send an invoice to your customers via email. This is done by going to the CUSTOMERS TAB in and clicking on 'invoice' which appears next to the customer name right before 'Pre-Approval'. When you send the invoice, the customer will be able to accept via email and put in their credit card information to complete the payment.

When sending and invoice our charging your customer via 'Pre-Approved Payment', you can add in Amount, Notes, Invoice Number, and Description. You can also choose whether the billing is recurring or a one time payment.

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