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Provide Cash Discount with eHopper POS

Cash Discount on eHopper, Poynt Hardware
Cash Discount on Poynt with eHopper

Excited to announce that VividPayments now allows Merchant to accept payments and provide a Cash Discount with eHopper POS.

eHopper is an easy to use Point of Sale Solution available on Android tablets, iPad, Windows PCs, and the Poynt terminal.

The eHopper Features

eHopper POS has everything you need to run your small business, available on Android tablets, iPad, PCs and the Poynt terminal. It’s quick, efficient and intuitive to use. Easy setup will have you taking payments in minutes and serving your customers just as fast!

Add and scan items directly into the cart. Ring in sales, calculate discounts and add up taxes. Easy for any employee to learn!

Inventory Management - Process, check, and manage your inventory right down to the grain. Know exactly what you have and where. Manage departments, categories, prices, and quantities. Manage your store operations in real-time. Track everything from store assets to exchanges, and returns.

Reporting - Quick access to your critical information makes for faster and better informed decision making. The reporting gives you complete visibility and analysis into every aspect of your business. Access anytime online to manage and track transactional and customer data.

Customer Management - Store and build your customer information to know exactly what they buy and when. It’s simple to add, edit, and to search customers. Personalize your service and receipts, as well as, email marketing to build repeat business.

Cash Discount

Cash discounts are incentives offered to buyers that reduce the amount owed to the seller by either a fixed amount or a percentage of the total bill if paying with Cash vs a Credit Card. Merchants love Cash Discount because the have the ability to reduce their credit card processing fees. Learn more here.

eHopper has Cash Discount features built into the software so the merchant can select the discount amount up to 3.9% and eHopper with automatically adjust the receipts.

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