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TruRating available on Poynt

Capturing honest customer feedback is extremely difficult for local businesses. Platforms like Yelp aren't really helping local merchants improve their business. All these platforms do is give angry people an outlet to feel like they're a critic. They're structured to hide good reviews unless the business pays for their services.

The TruRating app on the Poynt Smart Terminal helps merchants collect customer feedback at the point of payment and turn insights into revenue. Its simple-to-use platform allows the customer to rate their experience 0-9. It also allows the business to ask a few key follow up questions to help drive success.

How does this work for the merchant?

After speaking with the TruRating team they told me a pretty neat success story. There was a merchant who owned a few pizza shops and he noticed that mid-week during 2pm-3pm his feedback/rating was poor. He started to research with his team and figured out that one of the chefs was turning down the oven at that time of day to save energy, which harmed the quality of the food. The owner was able to make a quick change due to TruRating's data and create a better experience for customers.

While it's not going to fix every problem, it can simply help business owners pick up on trends and start to identify faults in their operations. Today, TruRating is helping merchants get feedback from over 80% of customers that interact with the application each day. That creates a great opportunity for the business owner to make tweaks and find out ways to increase customer satisfaction and increase revenue 

How does it work on the Poynt Terminal?

The TruRating Application is built to work with the pre-existing Register Application that comes with each Poynt device. 

What's the set up look like?

It's 3 easy steps... (1) Download the Application (2) Build a Profile (3) and Enjoy! 

What's it cost for a local business?

The first location is FREE and it's $25 per location after. 

Let's break down the key features

  • Easily Collect Feedback - Engage your customers with a quick question during checkout. Ask anything and get answers with the push of a button via the TruRating app on the Poynt Smart Terminal. 

  • World-leading Response Rates - No other solution delivers the response rates that TruRating does—88% on average. All from validated customers, through the Poynt Smart Terminal, giving you insights you can trust. 

  • Measure Your Performance - Access near-real time insights via your dashboard available online or on the TruRating mobile app. Make quick decisions to improve your customer’s experience.

  • Technology For Good - You can change lives with every single checkout. How? It’s simple—every time a customer rates, TruRating donates to charity!

Written by Guiseppi Marzelli, Co-Founder at Boomtown

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