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ZeroPay, New Cash Discount Application on Poynt

The new ZeroPay Cash Discount application is available on the Poynt Smart Terminal and Poynt 5 handheld device.

With ZeroPay, you can accept Credit Card and Cash Discount payments thru any application utilizing the native Poynt Payment Fragment. Once downloading the application, the payment is pre-configured into the check out process. You don't need to use a different Register Application away from the native Terminal and Register Application on Poynt.

How to use the ZeroPay Application?

1. Open ZeroPay application and click Current Service Charge button in the bottom of the screen

2. Set Service Charge % and Flat Fee then click Done.

3. You can a see list of transactions processed thru ZeroPay Cash Discount Payment method.

3. Application will calculate total savings by using ZeroPay Cash Discount Payment method.

How do you use ZeroPay (Cash Discount) during the check out process?

1. Click payment method dropdown field in the header of Payment Fragment.

2. Payment method selection screen will popup.

3. Click Cash Discount and select payment type Cash or Card.

4. Payment fragment total will be updated based on selected payment type and service charge value specified in ZeroPay Cash Discount application.

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