The all-in-one payment platform offering contactless, fast, and secure payment solutions.


Sell everywhere.
Manage from anywhere.
Grow all the time.

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Sell remotely.

Accept payments remotely over the phone by manually entering your customers' card information using any Poynt terminal, our mobile app, or our web portal.

Sell in-store, contactless.

Accept all forms of physical payments including swipe or chip cards and contactless payments such as Apple Pay and Google Pay using any Poynt terminal with no upfront commitment.

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Choose the Smart Terminal that's right for you

Select from either the Dual Screen Poynt Terminal or the handheld Poynt 5. Both offer beautiful hardware built around the same amazing software.


More than just a payment terminal.

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Run your business from anywhere with Poynt HQ. Monitor real-time activity and manage your business from any device.

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Bring in repeat customers and boost your sales by easily enrolling your customers into an out-of-the-box loyalty program in minutes.

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App Store

Use powerful 3rd party apps that seamlessly integrate with Poynt to manage everything from employee payroll and scheduling,  to cryptocurrency payments.

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Give your customers the ability to pay via invoice. Send and manage digital invoices directly from the Poynt Dashboard.

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Card on File

Recurring payments have never been so easy. Safely save and manage customer cards on file for recurring billings or just make paying easier for repeat customers.

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Terminal Demo.

Learn about Poynt's feature-rich terminal and software. Utilize the terminal or full POS software to run sales and keep inventory.

Dashboard Demo.

Discover the power you have to run your business with Poynt's online dashboard. See all of your sales real-time, send invoices, and manage your settings.

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