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Give your guests the ability to order and pay at the table - ideal for full service restaurants, stadiums, venues and other hospitality environments where payments are currently processed at a central location, far from the customer’s view.

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Benefits of Tableside Ordering


Increase Accuracy of Orders.

Placing an order in real-time reduces the chances of servers making mistakes. Mistakes not only impact the customer’s experience, but if the mistake is not caught before it reaches the kitchen, it will also have a negative impact on food costs and waste.


Increase Speed of Service

Avoid traffic jams by eliminating the need for servers to walk to a POS terminal to input the order. Staff will also automatically know if something is out of stock as opposed to finding out later, then going back to the guests.


Intuitive and engaging.

Displayed on large touchscreens, with simple prompts and enticing food imagery, your customers will easily navigate through the kiosk ordering process at their own pace.


Why Pay At Table?


Increase profitability.

The quicker staff can turn tables, the more guests they’ll serve, and the more revenue your restaurant will earn.


Improve guest satisfaction.

Enable customers to pay immediately without having to wait for their credit card to be returned by their server.


Increase security.

Order errors drop to almost zero when guests self-order, eliminating the costly order redo. And, with Vivid’s kiosk analytics, you will gain valuable business insights to optimize inventory planning.

Questions about table side service?
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