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Analytics engineered to help you make the best decisions for your business. Our dashboard will show you detailed insights into your payment processing, but it doesn’t stop there – additional data on your customers, trends, competitors, and industry benchmarks.

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Payment reports that provide insight on authorization and batch activity.

Authorization reporting will reflect all authorizations including the truncated card number, amount, timestamp, and more – plus, easily filter by searching certain items or filtering by card brand or type. Batch reporting will assist with reconciliation and show details on each batch, including sales and refunds plus filtering options.

Product analytics.

See which products sell the most (and which don’t) to better optimize sales strategy.

Card analytics.

With payment-driven data, you can understand trends regarding your card processing (i.e. revenue).

Market intelligence.

Understand customer demographics and industry benchmarks all driven by actual data through spend-driven, issuer-to-market tracking.

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