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Vivid provides compliant, zero-cost credit card processing solutions for your business. Save hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month.
Accept All Payments At No Cost.

Say Goodbye to Processing Fees Forever.

Vivid offers a solution for you as a merchant to offset your credit card processing fees. By offering a decreased price for cash purchases, you reward customers for paying in cash and in turn retain the money you would have paid in credit card processing fees.

Interchange Fees
Transaction Fee
Batch Fee
Statement Fee
Other Hidden Fees
Traditional Processing
2% - 4% of Sales
$0.05 - $0.25
$0.05 - $0.10
$5 - $10 per month
$5 - $30 per month
$5 - $300 per month
$0 per month
$0 per month
No Hidden Fees
Vivid 0% Processing
See How Much You Can Save By Switching to Vivid.
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How It Works.
vivid payments cash discount poynt
Vivid's payment terminal and software allows merchants to pass a small fee through to their customer if they pay with a card.
Customers can pay with cards and still get their reward points. If paying with cash, customers are rewarded with a discount.
Instead of paying a 2% to 4% fee on every sale, the merchant keeps 100% of their revenue, saving hundreds if not thousands of dollar per month.

Complimentary Hardware.

Get a complimentary payment terminal at no cost when you sign up. You will also be provided with the appropriate signage to help you stay compliant.

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Don't just take our word.
 Vivid Payments have been taking care of our credit card processing for a few years now and we've been so happy with them. Before Vivid, our restaurants switched to various processors in search of the best rates. They have saved us money on processing fees and have the best customer service. Their hands on approach with their clients make them stand out! 
 - Chef Kathy Fang 
Start saving today.
Keep your revenue and stop paying high processing fees.
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